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« Gepost op: oktober 01, 2010, 07:57:51 pm »

Met dank aan John ( arachula )

Gedownload. Samen met nog twee anderen. De eerste via bittorrent, de overige 2 van usenet.

Stemmen en muziek zal ik maar zeggen. Het verband zie ik (nog) niet zo maar het is in ieder geval gerelateerd aan / ge´nspireerd door de stemmen. Een experiment of misschien wel een ode aan...............

Hier de tracklist :


1 Here Is Konstantin Raudive... part #1.mp3    5643KB
2 Palae Fore Memoire 2.mp3    7776KB
3 Sound piece #1 - Astrid a little bit.mp3    1006KB
4 Raudive Track 2.mp3    6830KB
5 sound piece #2 - Karajan kluk.mp3    1192KB
6 Cadavre magneŽ?tique.mp3    1KB
7 sound piece #3 - Astrid ! Ask there !.mp3    1032KB
8 Nature Morte.mp3    11147KB
9 sound piece #4 - Mendelssohn more more.mp3    1434KB
10 Lee's Raudive Mix.mp3    3960KB
11 sound piece #5 -Too much pop music on the radio.mp3    744KB
12 Bizz Circuits - DruŽ?ben.mp3    1KB
13 sound piece #6 - Forgotten special domain.mp3    1563KB
14 KoladeŽ? Spirit.mp3    1KB
15 sound piece #7 - In Wien.mp3    1010KB
16 Welcome for F. Jurgenson & K. Raudive).mp3    7917KB
17 sound piece #8 - Ouverture now more less.mp3    939KB
18 Temps magneŽ?tique.mp3    1KB
19 sound piece #9 - Problems - distant cut up.mp3    1129KB

20 Intimate decision for solo viola.mp3    15180KB
21 Radio stimme + microphon-stimme - experiments part #2.mp3    15642KB

Voices.jpg    20KB

22 Files, 84165KB total

De tweede is :

G:\MP3\The Ghost Orchid - An Introduction To EVP\

01 Introduction.mp3    2548KB
02 Raymond Cass.mp3    8392KB
03 Polyglot Voices - Commentary.mp3    771KB
04 Sonja Liepina.mp3    325KB
05 Where's Mable_.mp3    505KB
06 Cold Soldart.mp3    269KB
07 Gorgeskov.mp3    235KB
08 Dawson.mp3    291KB
09 Germans Visit Frederic.mp3    349KB
10 You're Very Good.mp3    315KB
11 PSB Interrupt - Commentary.mp3    899KB
12 She Doesn't Bother.mp3    822KB
13 Aircraft Intercept.mp3    579KB
14 Elvis.mp3    430KB
15 Put It On Ice And I'll Mend Your.mp3    722KB
16 Jesus.mp3    359KB
17 Radio Luxembourg.mp3    367KB
18 Raudive.mp3    486KB
19 Not Enough There To Copy.mp3    225KB
20 OIiver.mp3    146KB
21 Don't Do It!.mp3    244KB
22 Singing Voices - Commentary.mp3    855KB
23 Out Of This World.mp3    1481KB
24 All Your Sorrows.mp3    1171KB
25 Only Sonja Will Make It.mp3    426KB
26 Uppsala Sun Countess.mp3    293KB
27 I'm Joined To Many Countries.mp3    352KB
28 I've Made It!.mp3    562KB
29 Copyist.mp3    693KB
30 Instant Response Voices - Comment.mp3    337KB
31 Prometheus Passademus.mp3    756KB
32 Of Unknown Origin.mp3    346KB
33 Raudive 2.mp3    1035KB
34 Mrs. Green.mp3    418KB
35 Waistcoat.mp3    124KB
36 Justified Theft.mp3    712KB
37 Philip Larkin.mp3    271KB
38 Tramping.mp3    417KB
39 Unknown Possible.mp3    459KB
40 So Strange I Remember You.mp3    129KB
41 Bruckerby.mp3    131KB
42 Burned With Force.mp3    426KB
43 Alien Voices - Commentary.mp3    850KB
44 Raymond Cass.mp3    3161KB
45 Dead Machines.mp3    263KB
46 Mysterious Voices.mp3    921KB
47 Cosmic Race.mp3    338KB
48 Wacky Shout.mp3    699KB
49 We Are Eagles.mp3    451KB
50 Less Weird.mp3    1213KB
51 We Can See Edith By Radio.mp3    327KB
52 Referring To Me.mp3    458KB
53 He'll Be Ready To Be A Hero.mp3    498KB
54 Exalted Visitor.mp3    614KB
55 The Duke Of Biarritz.mp3    199KB
56 Prophetic Voice.mp3    360KB
57 Carefully With Nerve Gas.mp3    245KB
58 The Evil Struggle.mp3    954KB
59 Monopoly Asian.mp3    137KB
60 Intriguing Female.mp3    195KB
61 Here Ist Astauder.mp3    178KB
62 Gutteral Male.mp3    251KB
63 We Originate On A Planet.mp3    271KB
64 This Pressure.mp3    330KB
65 More Pleasant Female.mp3    461KB
66 Schallplatten.mp3    235KB
67 Mysterious Females.mp3    410KB
68 Una.mp3    643KB
69 Male Entity.mp3    387KB
70 Sistrenatus.mp3    196KB
71 Gutteral Entity.mp3    280KB
72 They'll Never Believe Us.mp3    210KB
73 There Are Probably Millions Now.mp3    483KB
74 New Research - Commentary.mp3    563KB
75 New Techniques And Interpretation.mp3    1369KB
76 Archive - Commentary.mp3    426KB
77 Breakthrough 7_ Side A.mp3    12642KB
78 Breakthrough 7_ Side B.mp3    12333KB
79 Conclusion.mp3    515KB

79 Files, 74739KB total

De derde is een radioshow van 177.20 min. (!) die grotendeels over Spoken en EVP gaat. De presentator is George Noory en het heet "Coast to coast am"

Beschrijving :

 Paranormal investigator and star of the TV show Haunting Evidence, Patrick Burns discussed his work on cold cases such as the Zodiac Killer, and Natalee Holloway, as well as presented a group of EVP recordings. During the three seasons Haunting Evidence aired on Court TV (Tru TV), he, psychic profiler Carla Baron, and medium John J. Oliver, explored 27 different cases. In the Holloway case, interesting details emerged that hadn't been explored in mass media, he said.

In their investigation of the Zodiac killings, they revisited the crime scenes, such as Lake Berryessa in Northern California, where a couple was attacked. Burns said he had a thermal sensor set up there (often used to find cold or hot spots), and he monitored a highly anomalous reading-- a drastic temperature shift that went from 45 degrees to -33 (below zero) in one location.

Burns recently co-wrote The Other Side, a ghost hunting guide for teens. He said teen investigators should always get permission to investigate specific locations, and can benefit from having an adult mentor, such as a police officer, travel with them.

EVP (electronic voice phenomena) is the strongest evidence for ghostly activity, he believes, and a digital audio recorder seems to do the best job capturing such sounds. He noted that the Panasonic RR-DR60 model is thought to be particularly effective, but it was withdrawn from the market because transcriptionists were complaining that it was picking up voices that weren't there. Burns shared some EVPs, including one recorded at a cemetery that sounded like a little girl saying "be nice." He also revealed that feline sounds had shown up on EVPs, including one at a restaurant where it sounded like two cats were fighting.

UK Releases UFO Files

First hour guests, researcher Nick Pope and investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe commented on the UK's release of more UFO files. Most of the material is fairly mundane, said Pope, though some of the reports deal with 'Britain's Roswell,' the Rendlesham Forest incident. Col. Charles Hart, who was present at the 1980 incident, as the base commander at RAF Bentwaters, has recently said that the structured craft observed in the forest were of ET origin, Linda detailed.


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« Antwoord #1 Gepost op: oktober 04, 2010, 09:40:14 pm »

ik ga kijken of ik dolf brouwers kan krijgen  deze week  Grijns   groeten dree

Frans Schmidt-Gieskens
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Karma: 11
Berichten: 3238

Foto: EVP lezing & demo te Belgie. :)

« Antwoord #2 Gepost op: oktober 04, 2010, 10:24:08 pm »

Hahhaa... tja..probeer het eens !
Ik zag hem toendertijd vaak lopen in het centrum van Den PLHaag.
Hij was 'in het wild' net zo als op tv.

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